Java Apple Computer Emulator
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Java Apple Computer Emulator


To Run:

or java -jar Jace.jar

Support JACE:

JACE will always be free, but it does take considerable time to refine and add new features. If you would like to show your support and encourage the author to keep maintaining this emulator, why not throw him some change to buy him a drink? (The emulator was named for the Jack and Cokes consumed during its inception.)

To Build:

Jace is a java-based Apple //e emulator with many compelling features:

  • NEW: UI Control Overlay makes common actions more conveniently available at the click of a button!
  • Built-in IDE for writing basic and assembly programs, using ACME to compile and execute directly without leaving the emulator.
  • Disk and Mass-storage (hard drive, 3.5 floppy) images
  • Joystick and Mouse are fully supported (Joystick can be emulated with either keyboard or mouse, Java doesn't have native joystick support
  • All graphics modes are supported, including Apple RGB "Mixed" and B&W modes.
  • Fullscreen and windowed modes supported
  • PassPort MIDI support for Ultima V
  • MetaCheat allows quick and easy ability to find and alter active memory
  • MetaCheat also provides a live heat-map showing all RAM activity, color coded to indicate read, write or CPU execution -- Perfect for reverse engineers
  • Optional Debugging rom (][DB) can be enabled for a more powerful monitor
  • Super serial emulated as a tcp/ip port
  • Mockingboard and Phasor support
  • Highly flexible configuration allows any combination of cards and many extra options. You can even alter configuration while the emulation is running!

Airheart Color swatches Desktop II

More information here: