an Apple II emulator for linux, written in D
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An Apple II emulator for Linux, written in the D programming language

twoapple-reboot is a fork of twoapple updated to work with the latest version of D on both 32- and 64-bit Linux.


twoapple-reboot works with dmd 2.058/2.059; I haven't tried it with ldc/gdc.

It depends on gtkd and Derelict2

Build by running make in the src directory; if the dependencies aren't installed to standard import/lib paths, you can do

make GTKD=/path/to/gtkd DERELICT=/path/to/Derelict2

Alternatively, you can run build.d from the src directory:

cd src
rdmd build.d --gtkd=/path/to/gtkd --derelict=/path/to/Derelict2


There are tests for the 6502/65C02 emulation:

cd test/d6502
rdmd runtests.d --help


For now, see README.orig


  • use new D2 features
  • better UI
  • cassette emulation
  • more peripherals