an Apple II emulator for linux, written in D
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=Twoapple Apple II Emulator=


Twoapple is an Apple II/IIe emulator written in the D programming language.


When started with no command-line options, Twoapple will run in II+ mode; use
the "--iie" command-line option to run in IIe mode.

To select the ROM to use, choose a suitable file in the dialog which opens at
program startup. (Currently, there are no checks for ROM file validity beyond a
simple file size test).

The user interface is fairly simple at the moment: F12 acts as reset, and
Pause/Break allows you to pause and restart the emulation (there is also a
toolbar button for this). The "Boot" toolbar button acts as a power on reset,
and the "Mono" toolbar button switches back and forth between color and
monochrome display.

Opening, saving, and ejecting disk images can be done using the drive menus at
the bottom of the window. The "WP" checkbox acts like a write-protect switch
for the drive, rather than for individual images. (If a read-only image file is
loaded, the write-protect status is set for the drive, and cannot be changed
until another image is loaded.)

==Building from source==

To build twoapple, you will first need to install the Digital Mars D compiler
(DMD) the D language bindings to GTK+ (gtkD), and the D language bindings to
SDL (Derelict).

* DMD:
* gtkD:
  * depends on GTK+2.0 ( and GtkGLExt
  * this patch (
    is also needed (from the gtkD directory,
    `patch -p1 < gtkD-pre3-ref-fix.patch`).
* Derelict:
  * depends on SDL (
  * follow the build instructions to build the static libraries.
* Twoapple:
  * (or via svn:
    `svn checkout twoapple`).
  * to build: `cd src; make DMDROOT=/path/to/dmd GTKD=/path/to/gtkD