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Stephen Heumann
8278f7865a Support unconvertible preprocessing numbers.
These are tokens that follow the syntax for a preprocessing number, but not for an integer or floating constant after preprocessing. They are now allowed within the preprocessing phases of the compiler. They are not legal after preprocessing, but they may be used as operands of the # and ## preprocessor operators to produce legal tokens.
2024-04-23 21:39:14 -05:00
Stephen Heumann
75a928e273 Change division-by-zero tests to cases requiring a constant expression. 2024-02-27 13:06:45 -06:00
Stephen Heumann
ce94f4e2b6 Do not pass negative sizes to strncat or strncmp in tests.
These parameters are of type size_t, which is unsigned.
2024-02-24 18:57:50 -06:00
Stephen Heumann
5316b438d5 Remove a debug print statement in a test. 2023-07-22 18:03:01 -05:00
Stephen Heumann
7e5023844a Fix a test to account for scanf changes.
The scanf functions no longer accept strings with no digits in the significand part, or an "e" but no digits in the exponent part.
2023-07-19 20:41:07 -05:00
Stephen Heumann
7188b4f418 Fix another test to account for recent stdio changes in SysFloat. 2023-06-19 18:35:15 -05:00
Stephen Heumann
966da239ee Update release notes and tests to reflect recent SysFloat changes. 2023-06-16 20:46:01 -05:00
Stephen Heumann
914e5972bd Change tests to account for recent stdio changes in SysFloat. 2023-06-11 18:56:35 -05:00
Stephen Heumann
e5c69670cd Add documentation and tests for strtod changes. 2023-06-08 20:46:42 -05:00
Stephen Heumann
661c9c440d Add tests, documentation, and headers for lgamma(). 2023-05-21 18:30:15 -05:00
Stephen Heumann
84401b4e97 Fix a test case to account for printf '-' flag overriding '0'. 2023-04-16 21:44:05 -05:00
Stephen Heumann
3a298ec341 Add documentation and tests for 'a'/'A' printf conversions. 2023-04-16 20:25:15 -05:00
Stephen Heumann
c678151bde Add tests and documentation for fma(). 2023-04-02 16:31:28 -05:00
Stephen Heumann
cb6173557e Add tests for <time.h> functions. 2023-01-05 20:46:59 -06:00
Stephen Heumann
f7a139b4b5 Document use of Time Tool Set by gmtime and strftime.
Also include some tests for strftime %z and %Z conversions (although just producing no output will satisfy them).
2022-12-28 19:57:19 -06:00
Stephen Heumann
7d3f1c8dd7 Add headers, documentation, and tests for tgamma(). 2022-12-24 20:21:31 -06:00
Stephen Heumann
265a16d2f5 Add headers, documentation, and tests for erf() and erfc(). 2022-12-17 22:26:59 -06:00
Stephen Heumann
f5f63563c6 Add tests for designated initializers. 2022-12-04 21:26:40 -06:00
Stephen Heumann
736e7575cf Fix issues with type conversions in static initialization.
*Initialization of floating-point variables from unsigned long expressions with value > LONG_MAX would give the wrong value.
*Initialization of floating-point variables from (unsigned) long long expressions would give the wrong value.
*Initialization of _Bool variables should give 0 or 1, as per the usual rules for conversion to _Bool.
*Initialization of integer variables from floating-point expressions should be allowed, applying the usual conversions.
2022-12-04 16:36:16 -06:00
Stephen Heumann
3f450bdb80 Support "inline" function definitions without static or extern.
This is a minimal implementation that does not actually inline anything, but it is intended to implement the semantics defined by the C99 and later standards.

One complication is that a declaration that appears somewhere after the function body may create an external definition for a function that appeared to be an inline definition when it was defined. To support this while preserving ORCA/C's general one-pass compilation strategy, we generate code even for inline definitions, but treat them as private and add the prefix "~inline~" to the name. If they are "un-inlined" based on a later declaration, we generate a stub with external linkage that just jumps to the apparently-inline function.
2022-11-19 23:04:22 -06:00
Stephen Heumann
f31b5ea1e6 Allow "extern inline" functions.
A function declared "inline" with an explicit "extern" storage class has the same semantics as if "inline" was omitted. (It is not an inline definition as defined in the C standards.) The "inline" specifier suggests that the function should be inlined, but it is legal to just ignore it, as we already do for "static inline" functions.

Also add a test for the inline function specifier.
2022-10-29 19:43:57 -05:00
Stephen Heumann
913052fe7c Add documentation and tests for _Pragma. 2022-10-29 16:02:38 -05:00
Stephen Heumann
6d8ca42734 Parse the _Thread_local storage-class specifier.
This does not really do anything, because ORCA/C does not support multithreading, but the C11 and later standards indicate it should be allowed anyway.
2022-10-18 21:01:26 -05:00
Stephen Heumann
91d33b586d Fix various C99+ conformance issues and bugs in test cases.
The main changes made to most tests are:

*Declarations always include explicit types, not relying on implicit int. The declaration of main in most test programs is changed to be "int main (void) {...}", adding an explicit return type and a prototype. (There are still some non-prototyped functions, though.)

*Functions are always declared before use, either by including a header or by providing a declaration for the specific function. The latter approach is usually used for printf, to avoid requiring ORCA/C to process stdio.h when compiling every test case (which might make test runs noticeably slower).

*Make all return statements in non-void functions (e.g. main) return a value.

*Avoid some instances of undefined behavior and type errors in printf and scanf calls.

Several miscellaneous bugs are also fixed.

There are still a couple test cases that intentionally rely on the C89 behavior, to ensure it still works.
2022-10-17 20:17:24 -05:00
Stephen Heumann
b3c30b05d8 Add a specific test for old C89 features that were removed from C99+. 2022-10-16 21:29:55 -05:00
Stephen Heumann
99e268e3b9 Implement support for anonymous structures and unions (C11).
Note that this implementation allows anonymous structures and unions to participate in initialization. That is, you can have a braced initializer list corresponding to an anonymous structure or union. Also, anonymous structures within unions follow the initialization rules for structures (and vice versa).

I think the better interpretation of the standard text is that anonymous structures and unions cannot participate in initialization as such, and instead their members are treated as members of the containing structure or union for purposes of initialization. However, all other compilers I am aware of allow anonymous structures and unions to participate in initialization, so I have implemented it that way too.
2022-10-16 18:44:19 -05:00
Stephen Heumann
072f8be6bc Adjust test of missing declarators to cover only cases that are legal.
Previously, it included some instances that violate the standard constraint that a declaration must declare a declarator, a tag, or an enum constant. As of commit f263066f61, this constraint is now enforced, so those cases would (properly) give errors.
2022-10-13 18:52:18 -05:00
Stephen Heumann
11a3195c49 Use properly result type for statically evaluated ternary operators.
Also, update the tests to include statically-evaluated cases.
2022-07-04 22:30:25 -05:00
Stephen Heumann
f5d5b88002 Correct result strings in a couple tests. 2022-07-04 22:29:15 -05:00
Stephen Heumann
102d6873a3 Fix type checking and result type computation for ? : operator.
This was non-standard in various ways, mainly in regard to pointer types. It has been rewritten to closely follow the specification in the C standards.

Several helper functions dealing with types have been introduced. They are currently only used for ? :, but they might also be useful for other purposes.

New tests are also introduced to check the behavior for the ? : operator.

This fixes #35 (including the initializer-specific case).
2022-06-23 22:05:34 -05:00
Stephen Heumann
e5501dc902 Update test for maximum length of string constants. 2022-06-18 22:03:22 -05:00
Stephen Heumann
3c2b492618 Add support for compound literals within functions.
The basic approach is to generate a single expression tree containing the code for the initialization plus the reference to the compound literal (or its address). The various subexpressions are joined together with pc_bno pcodes, similar to the code generated for the comma operator. The initializer expressions are placed in a balanced binary tree, so that it is not excessively deep.

Note: Common subexpression elimination has poor performance for very large trees. This is not specific to compound literals, but compound literals for relatively large arrays can run into this issue. It will eventually complete and generate a correct program, but it may be quite slow. To avoid this, turn off CSE.
2022-06-08 21:34:12 -05:00
Stephen Heumann
8c5fba684c Add tests for fp comparison macros and type-generic math macros. 2022-01-09 18:26:32 -06:00
Stephen Heumann
d0514c5dc4 Add new tests for <math.h> functions (including C99 additions).
These test various properties of the functions, including normal computations and edge case behavior. The edge case tests are largely based on Annex F, and not all of the behavior tested is required by the main specifications in the C standard. ORCA/C does not claim to fully comply with Annex F, but it provides useful guidelines that we try to follow in most respects.
2022-01-06 18:10:10 -06:00
Stephen Heumann
ed3035cb99 Fix bug in code for varargs functions with multiple fixed parameters.
This was broken by the varargs changes in commit a20d69a211. The code was not accounting for the internal representation of the parameters being in reverse order, so it was basing address calculations on the first fixed parameter rather than the last one, resulting in the wrong number of bytes being removed from the stack (generally causing a crash).

This affected the c99stdio.c test case, and is now also covered in c99stdarg.c.
2022-01-01 22:42:42 -06:00
Stephen Heumann
45fad90d6d Add tests for new functionality (other than math functions). 2022-01-01 20:50:12 -06:00
Stephen Heumann
3997fc6dce Add new headers to test of including all headers.
Also, alphabetize all of the headers in that test.
2021-12-26 16:50:34 -06:00
Stephen Heumann
98529a9342 Add tests for recently-implemented language features. 2021-12-05 13:55:09 -06:00
Stephen Heumann
92f1344a6e Add <fenv.h> to test of including all headers. 2021-09-03 21:21:18 -05:00
Stephen Heumann
da6898214f Fix several tests affected by our new handling of floating-point constants.
These had implicitly assumed that floating-point constants had only double precision, rather than extended.
2021-09-03 18:54:01 -05:00
Stephen Heumann
6ead1d4caf Add a set of new tests for C95/C99/C11 features that we now support.
These are currently only run by the new DOIT3 test-running script.

Note that these tests are designed to be applicable to most implementations of C95/C99/C11, not just ORCA/C. They do make certain assumptions not guaranteed by the standards (e.g. power of 2 types and some properties of IEEE-like FP), but in general those assumptions should be true for most 'normal' systems.
2021-08-22 17:32:56 -05:00
Stephen Heumann
40f560039d Consistently use upper-case filenames for existing test cases. 2021-07-09 19:43:57 -05:00
Stephen Heumann
da715ae854 Fix a buggy test case.
It was calling fabs() without having included <math.h>, causing fabs() to be treated as returning an int rather than a floating-point value. This misinterpretation of the return value could cause test failures.
2021-03-01 17:52:59 -06:00
Stephen Heumann
52f512370f Update tests to account for recent ORCALib changes.
These involve recent standards-conformance patches for printf and scanf, which changed some (non-standard) behaviors that the test cases were expecting.

I also fixed a couple things that clang flagged as undefined behavior, even though they weren't really causing problems under ORCA/C.
2021-02-09 23:18:36 -06:00
Stephen Heumann
5dbe632f33 Update the test case to include recently added headers.
Also, change all the header names to lower case.
2021-01-26 17:47:33 -06:00
Stephen Heumann
58630dedc1 Update test to reflect that strtol now sets errno to EINVAL for invalid input. 2020-01-25 19:59:17 -06:00
Stephen Heumann
8b339a9ab7 Remove a test that expected floating-point division by 0.0 to fail.
As of commit 618188c6b2, this is now allowed and does not generate an error.
2019-03-31 18:46:29 -05:00
Stephen Heumann
ef099f4f83 Update test to reflect that operands of % may be negative. 2018-09-15 00:03:44 -05:00
Stephen Heumann
3352e874dd Update a test to account for correct behavior of #line directive. 2018-09-10 17:40:57 -05:00
Stephen Heumann
75bb522025 Remove a test that checked that multi-char character constants are not allowed.
This test is no longer valid since such constants are now accepted, consistent with the C standards.
2017-10-21 20:36:21 -05:00