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* Linux
* Native
This tutorial page will walk through the process of setting up your computer to build Apple IIgs applications
that leverage the GTE toolset.
## Set Up
@ -26,6 +25,10 @@ are several ways of getting the file onto your system.
1. Use the [NetDisk](https://sheumann.github.io/NetDisk/) utility to mount to the remote disk image directly from GS/OS and copy the Tool160 file
1. Use [ADTPro](https://adtpro.com/index.html) to transfer the disk image to the apple IIgs and write it onto a physical floppy disk
## Installing GTE
Copy the `Tool160` file into the `System:Tools` folder of your GS/OS boot volume. It is also possible to load the toolset from the application's folder (or any file system location), which will be covered later.
## Your First Program
@ -35,8 +38,8 @@ are several ways of getting the file onto your system.
#include <misctool.h>
#include <gte.h>
/* tile data stored in tiles.c */
extern Byte tiles[];
/* create two solid tiles */
extern Byte tiles[] = { STATIC_TILE(0x00), STATIC_TILE(0xFF) };
/* define a couple of key codes for the arrow keys */
#define LEFT_ARROW 0x08