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Parallax scrolling of two full-screen static layers
# Building from Source
The library iscurrently implemented as a set of source files that must be compiled into a GS/OS application. A set of example project can be found under the `demos` folder. Each demo folder uses a `package.json` file to define the build targets and a build of each application can be created by executing a `npm run build` command.
Each demo application has a top-level `App.s` that references the `src/Core.s` file which includes all of the GTE source
files into a separage OMF Segment.
## Dependencies
GTE uses the [merlin32]( assembler to compile its source into GS/OS OMF files and [Cadius]( to copy those files onto a ProDOS disk image. The paths to these tool can be set in the `package.json` file.
An empty 2MG disk image is included in `emu/Target.2mg` and is used as the default location for copying demo applications. This image can be mounted in any IIgs emulator.
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Build of demo app in the IIgs Finder
# Getting Started
## Initialization