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@ -81,12 +81,19 @@ of `sendto`.
`ioctl` -- support for `FIONREAD` (bytes available to read) and `FIONBIO`
(set/clear non-blocking).
`setsockopt` -- `SO_SNDLOWAT`, `SO_RCVLOWAT`, `SO_SNDTIMEO`, and `SO_RCVTIMEO` are supported.
`SO_OOBINLINE` errors unless it's true.
`SO_DEBUG`, `SO_REUSEADDR`, `SO_REUSEPORT`, `SO_KEEPALIVE` set a flag but have no other effect.
`getsockopt` -- support for `SO_TYPE`, `SO_DEBUG`, `SO_REUSEADDR`, `SO_REUSEPORT`, `SO_KEEPALIVE`,
`getsockopt` -- support for `SO_OOBINLINE`, `SO_SNDLOWAT`, `SO_RCVLOWAT`,
`SO_SNDTIMEO`, `SO_RCVTIMEO`, `SNDLOWAT` and `SNDTIMEO` set flags but don not have any
other effect. `OOBINLINE` is only be supported when true.
`getsockopt` -- support for `SO_TYPE`, `SO_OOBINLINE`, `SO_SNDLOWAT`, `SO_RCVLOWAT`,
Not (yet) supported: