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DEFAULT &var,&value
&var EQU &value
; ` prevents expansion during macro processing.
DEFAULT `DebugSymbols,0
* The following are equates for GS/OS error codes.
no_error equ $00 ; no error has occured
bad_system_call equ $01 ; bad system call number
fst_load_fail equ $02 ; couldn't load FST
invalid_pcount equ $04 ; invalid parameter count
gsos_active equ $07 ; gsos already active
dev_not_found equ $10 ; device not found
invalid_dev_num equ $11 ; invalid device number
drvr_bad_req equ $20 ; bad request or command
drvr_bad_code equ $21 ; bad control or status code
drvr_bad_parm equ $22 ; bad call parameter
drvr_not_open equ $23 ; character device not open
drvr_prior_open equ $24 ; character device already open
irq_table_full equ $25 ; interrupt table full
drvr_no_resrc equ $26 ; resources not available
drvr_io_error equ $27 ; I/O error
drvr_no_dev equ $28 ; device not connected
drvr_busy equ $29 ; driver is busy & not available
drvr_wr_prot equ $2B ; device is write protected
drvr_bad_count equ $2C ; invalid byte count
drvr_bad_block equ $2D ; invalid block number
drvr_disk_sw equ $2E ; disk has been switched
drvr_off_line equ $2F ; device off line / no media present
bad_path_syntax equ $40 ; invalid pathname syntax
invalid_ref_num equ $43 ; invalid reference number
path_not_found equ $44 ; subdirectory does not exist
vol_not_found equ $45 ; volume not found
file_not_found equ $46 ;
dup_pathname equ $47 ; create or rename with existing name
volume_full equ $48 ;
vol_dir_full equ $49 ; volume directory full
version_error equ $4A ;
bad_store_type equ $4B ; bad storage type
end_of_file equ $4C ;
out_of_range equ $4D ; position out of range
invalid_access equ $4E ; access not allowed
buff_too_small equ $4F ; buffer too small
softerrorlow equ $50 ; errors from $50 to $6f are soft errors
file_busy equ $50 ; file is already open
dir_error equ $51 ; directory error
unknown_vol equ $52 ; unknown volume type
parm_range_err equ $53 ; parameter out of range
out_of_mem equ $54 ; out of memory
dup_volume equ $57 ; duplicate volume name
not_block_dev equ $58 ; not a block device
invalid_level equ $59 ; specified level outside legal range
damaged_bitmap equ $5A ; block number too large
bad_path_names equ $5B ; invalid pathnames for change_path
not_system_file equ $5C ; not an executable file
os_unsupported equ $5D ; operating system not supported
stack_overflow equ $5F ; too many applications on stack
data_unavail equ $60 ; data unavailable
end_of_dir equ $61 ; end of directory has been reached
invalid_class equ $62 ; invalid FST call class
res_not_found equ $63 ; file does not contain req. resource
invalid_fst_id equ $64 ; specified FST is not present in system
invalid_fst_op equ $65 ; FST does not handle this type of call
fst_caution equ $66 ; FST handled call, but result is weird
dup_device equ $67 ; used internally only!!!
dev_list_full equ $68 ; device list is full
sup_list_full equ $69 ; supervisor list is full
fst_error equ $6A ;generic FST error
softerrorhigh equ $6f ; maximum soft error number allowed
resource_exist equ $70 ;Cannot expand file, resource already exist
res_add_err equ $71 ;cannot add resource fork to this type file.
network_error equ $88 ;Generic network error.
* System Service Table Equates:
dev_dispatcher equ $01FC00 ;dev_dispatch (initialized by new dev dispatcher)
cache_find_blk equ $01FC04 ;cash_find
cache_add_blk equ $01FC08 ;cash_add
cache_init equ $01FC0C ;cache initialization
cache_shutdn equ $01FC10 ;cash_shutdown
cache_del_blk equ $01FC14 ;cash_delete
cache_del_vol equ $01FC18 ;cash_del_vol
alloc_seg equ $01FC1C ;alloc_zero
release_seg equ $01FC20 ;deallocate
alloc_vcr equ $01FC24 ;allocvcr
release_vcr equ $01FC28 ;releasevcr
alloc_fcr equ $01FC2C ;allocfcr
release_fcr equ $01FC30 ;releasefcr
swap_out equ $01FC34 ;swapout
deref equ $01FC38 ;deref2
get_sys_gbuf equ $01FC3C ;s_get_sys_gbuf
sys_exit equ $01FC40 ;s_sys_exit
sys_death equ $01FC44 ;s_sys_death
find_vcr equ $01FC48 ;findvcr
find_fcr equ $01FC4C ;findfcr
set_sys_speed equ $01FC50 ;set system speed (initialized by new dev dispatcher)
cache_flsh_def equ $01FC54 ;flush deferred blocks from cache
rename_vcr equ $01FC58 ;renamevcr
rename_fcr equ $01FC5C ;renamefcr
get_vcr equ $01FC60 ;getvcr
get_fcr equ $01FC64 ;getfcr
lock_mem equ $01FC68 ;lockmem
unlock_mem equ $01FC6C ;unlockmem
move_info equ $01FC70 ;block move routines
cvt_0to1 equ $01FC74 ;cvt0to1
cvt_1to0 equ $01FC78 ;cvt1to0
replace_80 equ $01FC7C ;replace80
to_b0_core equ $01FC80 ;to_bank0_core
gen_dispatch equ $01FC84 ;g_dispatch
signal equ $01FC88 ;signal_event
get_sys_buf equ $01FC8C ;get_b0_buf
set_disksw equ $01FC90 ;set_disk_sw (initialized by new dev dispatcher)
report_error equ $01FC94 ;s_report_error
mount_message equ $01FC98 ;s_mount_msg
full_error equ $01FC9C ;s_full_error
report_fatal equ $01FCA0 ;s_report_fatal
sup_drvr_disp equ $01FCA4 ;supervisory dispatcher
install_driver equ $01FCA8 ;install device driver
get_boot_pfx equ $01FCAC ;s_get_boot_pfx
set_boot_pfx equ $01FCB0 ;s_set_boot_pfx
alloc_cache_seg equ $01FCB4 ;low_allocate
get_stked_id equ $01FCB8 ;get id of prog at top of GQUIT stack
dyn_slot_arbiter equ $01FCBC ;slot arbitration routine (initialized by new dev dispatcher)
parse_pathname equ $01FCC0 ;parse a pathname
post_os_event equ $01FCC4 ;notify external code about os event.
dynamic_install equ $01FCC8 ;install drivers (new init by SCM to JML INSERT_DRIVER)
dev_mgr_svc equ $01FCCC ;device manager entry (initialized by new dev dispatcher)
old_dev_disp equ $01FCD0 ;old device dispatcher (new init by SCM to JML DEV_DISPATCH)
init_parse_path equ $01FCD4 ;initialize for parse_path.
; Event codes for os_event
volmod_event equ $0040 ; event code for volume modified
disk_in_event equ $0008 ; disk inserted event
; Driver command codes
drvr_startup equ 0
drvr_open equ 1
drvr_read equ 2
drvr_write equ 3
drvr_close equ 4
drvr_status equ 5
drvr_control equ 6
drvr_flush equ 7
drvr_shutdown equ 8
drvr_get_dib equ 1
; Driver control and status call codes
stat_status equ 0
stat_config equ 1
* System Death error codes
vcr_unusable equ $000A ; VCR is unusable/inconsistent
fcr_unusable equ $000B ; FCR is unusable/inconsistent
vcr_swapped equ $4000 ;FLAG:Volume is swapped out (1 = true)
vcr_swapped_in equ $BFFF ;FLAG:Volume is swapped in
vcr_wr_enable equ $2000 ;FLAG:Volume has been seen write enabled
vcr_wr_unknown equ $DFFF ;FLAG:Volume has not been seen wrenbld
* access bits.
read_enabled equ $0001 ;1=Read Enabled
write_enabled equ $0002 ;1=Write Enabled
backup_enabled equ $0020 ;1=Needs to be backed up
rename_enabled equ $0040 ;1=Rename allowed
destroy_enabled equ $0080 ;1=Destroy is enabled
read_access equ $01
write_access equ $02
invis_bit equ $04
read_write_acc equ $03
; used by ProDOS
in_cache equ $8002
; records
dev_parms record 0
; Here are the device driver fields
dev_num ds.w 1 ; device number being called
dev_callnum ds.w 1 ; call number
dev_dev_id ; device ID (get_dib_ptr)
dev_buff ; I/O buffer address
ds.l 1
dev_req_cnt ds.l 1 ; request count
dev_xfer_cnt ds.l 1 ; transfer count
dev_blk_num ds.l 1 ; block number
dev_blk_size ds.w 1 ; block size
dev_fst_num ; FST number
dev_stat_code ; status code
dev_ctrl_code ; control code
ds.w 1
dev_vol_id ds.w 1 ; volume ID (???)
dev_cache_pr ds.w 1 ; cache priority
dev_cache_ptr ds.l 1 ; cache pointer
dev_dib_ptr ds.l 1 ; pointer to DIB
; gs/os direct page.
fst_parms record $0030
call_number ds.w 1 ; FST call number
param_blk_ptr ds.l 1 ; pointer to user's parameter block
;dev_num ; device number from parameter block
dev1_num ds.w 1 ; alias name for dev_num
dev2_num ds.w 1 ; second device number
path1_ptr ; ptr to 1st partial/entire pathname
fcr_ptr ds.l 1 ; pointer to file control record
path2_ptr ; ptr to 2nd partial/entire pathname
vcr_ptr ds.l 1 ; pointer to volume control record
path_flag ds.w 1 ; flag for path information
span1 ds.w 1 ; largest distance between path1 term.
span2 ds.w 1 ; max dist. between separators for path2