MINIX File System Translator
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Minix FST


This is a read-only FST for the Minix v1 and v1L (linux extended) file system.

Known issues:


  • Always reports 0 free blocks.

  • Since minix doesn't support volume labels (I plan to extend to do so eventually), all disks are named "minix". This implies only 1 minix disk may be mounted at a time.

ReadGS / GetDirEntryGS:

  • Only the first 7K of a file may be read.


  • I haven't quite figured out the proper way to handle disk swapping (all FSTs seem to do it different). For now, it's probably best if you just avoid swapping disks while a file is open :).

  • ProDOS 16 versions of the calls haven't been extensively tested.

Non-FST Bugs:

  • StdFileDialog (Save) reports 65536 free of 800k

  • Finder windows display garbage for the FST name (should be fixed in GS.OS 6.0.4 :)