Space Ace for Apple IIgs
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Space Ace IIgs

The complete archive for Space Ace for the Apple IIgs

In 1990, ReadySoft released Space Ace for the Apple IIgs.
I purchased a copy and was appalled that the port was only
for ProDOS and required you to play the game on floppy disks.
Being the reverse engineering nutcase I was, I promptly
disassembled the game and converted it back into source code.
I then re-wrote the game to use the Apple IIgs hard disk
and updated all the file manager code to GS/OS. After
creating a really horrible icon for the game, I then
uploaded my new application file to friends who wanted to
play Space Ace on their hard drives and then promptly
forgot about this port.

Here it is, 2015, and after searching my archive CDs, 
I found this source and decided to share it with you,
the programming public, so you can get a glimpse of what
65816 code looked like for the Apple IIgs. This code
ACTUALLY COMPILES AND RUNS using the Brutal Deluxe 
a65816 assembler and my python based build scripts.
I've successfully built this on my Mac and ran the
executable using Sweet16 and in Windows with Kegs.
I've included the build tools and its source and exes for
Mac (Intel/PPC) and Windows.

In case you're wondering, yes, I did do this port just
because I wanted it running natively on my Apple IIgs
hard drive. Yes, I'm insane.


And one more thing...

The intellectual property of Space Ace is the exclusive property of 
Don Bluth and Digital Leisure.
No transfer of the intellectual property of Space Ace or any transfer of the
ownership of the sounds, art or other game assets are given nor implied.
If anyone wishes to release a version of Space Ace for the Apple IIgs commercially,
(I have absolutely no idea why? You'd sell like, what? 3 copies?) 
contact Digital Leisure for a license.

The source code... Go for it.

Rebecca Ann Heineman

Olde Skuul

Seattle, WA