Rebecca Heineman 10ea4b36ea Rebuilt tools
Updated the Mac and PC tools to convert IIgs video files back into
animated GIF files.
2015-07-31 01:06:19 -07:00

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# This file tells Git about engine files that never really belong in source control. They are usually build products, log
# files and intermediate files generated from a compiler or the engine runtime.
# Paths that start with / match paths relative to the root (where the .gitignore file is)
# Paths that end with / will match a folder and all files under it (but not a regular file with no extension)
# Use * for wildcards. Wildcards stop at path separators
# Use ** for a wildcard that spans path separators
# Paths in this file should use forward slash characters, not back slashes
# Use \ to escape special characters like ! and #
# Use ! to negate a previous pattern. But it doesn't work if the parent sub-folder was masked out already.
# Ignore project files in the root
# Allow this folder to be saved
# IDE droppings
# Ignore Mac desktop services store files