A small SCSI device based on stm32
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# BlueSCSI
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BlueSCSI & ArdSCSino are hardware that reproduces SCSI devices (hard disks) with an Arduino STM32F103C (aka Blue Pill.)

`BlueSCSI` created by https://github.com/erichelgeson[erichelgeson] is a fork of `ArdSCSino-stm32` which adds:

* Usability Improvements
* Mac specific functionality
* Enable/Disable Passive SCSI termination
* An alternative power source if not able to be powered by the SCSI bus
* Documentation
* Open Hardware (KiCad & Gerbers)

`ArdSCSino-stm32` created by https://github.com/ztto/ArdSCSino-stm32[ztto] is the STM32 version of `ArdSCSino`

`ArdSCSino` created by https://twitter.com/h_koma2[Tambo (TNB Seisakusho)]

image::docs/buynow.png[link=https://scsi.blue, 150]
image::docs/discordbanner.png[link=https://discord.gg/GKcvtgU7P9, 150]

Join us in #bluescsi on https://discord.gg/GKcvtgU7P9[Discord] or open an issue on this repo.


## Compatibility

If your computer is not listed below - it may be compatible but there is no guarantee it will work. This device is designed and tested to work with pre-PowerPC Macs.

### Compatible


## Performance


## Assembly

See <a href="docs/assembly.md">docs/assembly.md</a>

## Usage


### Termination

To enable termination place the two jumpers on the TERM block. Termination should be enabled if it is the last device in the SCSI chain, otherwise remove the jumpers if it is not.

## Troubleshooting


### Older Version Specific Troubleshooting

<<docs/troubleshooting-1.0-b.adoc,Version 1.0-b>>

## Hardware Versions

### 1.1-a (Latest)

#### 1.1-a Desktop

* Blinky! There are now resistors and pin outs for Power and Activity LED's
* Resistor nets flipped all the same way
* 50 pin allows for right angle connector
* SD Card facing out the back - gives some better options for mounting and access
* New bracket that uses less filament and has mounting options for most cases
* Better mounting holes on the PCB
* New artwork by @Stephen

#### 1.1-a DB25

* Plugs directly into the DB25 port of your Mac.
* Removed unnecessary components.
* Termination is always on.
  * If you do not need termination you can socket or not install the resistor nets (this would be an unusual case)

### 1.0-c

* Fixed issue with diode footprint being too small
* Fixed issue with external power and `TERMPOWER`

### 1.0-b

First release

## Development (Advanced)


## Notes

### Making Gerbers for JLCPCB


BlueSCSI(TM) - Eric Helgeson - All rights reserved.