KiCAD symbol libraries for Garrett's Workshop products
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Zane Kaminski 78e944ee44 Fix 74244 1 month ago
.gitattributes Initial commit 3 years ago
.gitignore Update .gitignore 3 years ago
GW_Analog.dcm More parts 3 years ago
GW_Analog.kicad_sym lots 3 months ago
GW_Analog.lib idk 3 years ago
GW_CPU.dcm Added GW_CPU with Z80 3 years ago
GW_CPU.kicad_sym lots 3 months ago
GW_Connector.dcm Add MiniDIN-8 2 years ago
GW_Connector.kicad_sym lots 3 months ago
GW_Digital.dcm Added PLD, RAM, misc. digital 3 years ago
GW_Digital.kicad_sym lots 3 months ago
GW_ESD.dcm More parts 3 years ago
GW_ESD.lib More parts 3 years ago
GW_Logic.dcm Add 74253 to GW_Logic 2 years ago
GW_Logic.kicad_sym Fix 74244 1 month ago
GW_MCU.dcm More parts 3 years ago
GW_MCU.kicad_sym lots 3 months ago
GW_PLD.dcm idk 2 years ago
GW_PLD.kicad_sym lots 3 months ago
GW_Power.dcm idk 1 year ago
GW_Power.kicad_sym lots 3 months ago
GW_RAM.dcm Add 2Mx8 SRAM TSOP2-44 pinout 2 years ago
GW_RAM.kicad_sym lots 3 months ago
GW_RFModule.dcm Added ESP-WROVER-32 3 years ago
GW_RFModule.kicad_sym lots 3 months ago lots 3 months ago