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# What is PiSCSI?
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PiSCSI is a virtual SCSI device emulator that runs on a Raspberry Pi. It runs in userspace, and can emulate several SCSI devices at one time. There is a control interface to attach / detach drives during runtime, as well as insert and eject removable media. This project is aimed at users of vintage Macintosh and Atari computers and more (see [compatibility list]( from the 1980's and 1990's.
Please check out the full story with much more detail on the [wiki](!
# How do I contribute?
PiSCSI is using the <a href="">Gitflow Workflow</a>. A quick overview:
- The *main* branch should always reflect the contents of the last stable release
@ -17,9 +25,8 @@ When you are ready to contribute code to PiSCSI, follow the <a href="https://doc
If you want to add a new translation, or improve upon an existing one, please follow the <a href="">instructions in the Web Interface README</a>. Once the translation is complete, please use the same workflow as above to contribute it to the project.
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# GitHub Sponsors
Thank you to all of the GitHub sponsors who support the development community!
Special thank you to the Gold level sponsors!