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# Future plans for PowerBook adapter for BlueSCSI
# April 2021
[v1.1](v1.1) is working well so I don't expect any majour changes for a while.
## v1.2 (possible maintenance version)
Plans for a v1.2 (maintenance) may include:
* Jumper to toggle the activity LED
- So you can solder the LED and resistor, but disable it later if you prefer
* Break out power LED
- Provide a power LED (and a jumper toggle) breakout if an external power LED is desired
* Replace J4 & J5 with DIP switches or a single DPDT switch
## v2.0 (possible full redesign)
If I continue to develop project in the future, I plan on a full redesign.
* Use termination ICs instead of resistors
- Lower power consumption
- More accurate termination voltage
- Switchable termination resistance (110-ohm or 2.5k-ohm) for short busses
* Attach J1 & J2 via the PCB edge to make it more like how an actual hard drive connects
* Less-expensive Micro SD card slot
* Automatic switching between TERMPWR, MOTORPWR or USB Power
If I want to fork the actual BlueSCSI firmware, I would like to add:
* Separate LEDs for read and write activity
* Read TERMPWR and MOTORPWR voltages and report them on the debugging connector
* LEDs to indicate with SCSI ID is being accessed
* Support OLED debugging display