Arduino project that allows to connect a PS2 keyboard to Macintosh Plus
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Arduino-based PS2 -> Macintosh Plus keyboard adapter

This sketch allows to use a PS/2 keyboard with the Macintosh Plus. Mapping between PS/2 keys and Mac keys is stored in the keymap.ino file. Sketch uses a modified version of the PS2Keyboard Library --- all the logic except getScanCode() method have been stripped.


Connecting to Macintosh Plus

Get a phone cord with RJ10 plug and connect pin as follows (pin 1 of the phone jack is on the left when the wire side is facing toward you):

  1. GND -> GND.
  2. +CLK -> pin D6,
  3. +DATA -> pin D5,
  4. Vcc -> Vin

Connecting to PS/2 keyboard

For the Mini-DIN 6 socket, pins should be connected as follows (the diagram presents the female socket):

  1. +DATA -> pin D3,
  2. (not connected),
  3. GND -> GND,
  4. Vcc -> +5V,
  5. +CLK -> pin D2,
  6. (not connected)