Arduino project that allows to connect a PS2 keyboard to Macintosh Plus

Updated 2 years ago

A replacement power supply for the Macintosh Quadra 605 featuring a soft power switch.

Updated 2 years ago

This Circuit Board Design Allows FloppyEmu and a Joystick to be connected to an Apple IIe Card in a Macintosh

Updated 3 years ago

Macintosh Plus Schematics in KiCAD

Updated 3 years ago

Macintosh Classic II FPU board

Updated 3 years ago

Clone of the Video Mac Pac PDS video card for the Macintosh Portable

Updated 3 years ago

Macintosh Portable Reverse Engineered Schematics

Updated 4 years ago

68030 Turbocard for 68000-DIP processors

Updated 5 years ago

Macintosh floppy-drive/disk emulator by

Updated 9 years ago