A simple adapter to use an ATX power supply on a Macintosh with a 10pin PSU (IIsi, IIci...)

Updated 10 months ago

A replacement power supply for the Macintosh Quadra 605 featuring a soft power switch.

Updated 2 years ago

This Circuit Board Design Allows FloppyEmu and a Joystick to be connected to an Apple IIe Card in a Macintosh

Updated 3 years ago

Use BlueSCSI (STM32 SCSI emulator) in the Apple PowerBook, and to replace other 40-pin 2.5in mobile scsi devices

Updated 2 years ago

A small SCSI device based on stm32

Updated 1 month ago

Boards and add-ons for the Macintosh LC and variants

Updated 4 months ago

An interface for the DCD protocol used by Apple's Hard Disk 20.

Updated 4 weeks ago

A daisy-chainable keyboard/mouse controller for ADB Macintosh computers.

Updated 1 year ago

Mac NuBus video card

Updated 2 years ago

Mirror the Mac SE video over VGA

Updated 1 year ago

68030 & 68882 accelerator card for the Macintosh SE

Updated 1 year ago

ATX mod for the Macintosh Quadra 900/950

Updated 1 week ago

Serial breakout for several Power Macintosh models

Updated 2 years ago

Macintosh Classic II FPU board

Updated 3 years ago

Bluetooth and ADB Mouse Converter for Macintosh 128/512/Plus and Apple Lisa

Updated 8 months ago