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Glider PRO

Sources for the Macintosh game, Glider PRO, written by John Calhoun and published by Casady & Greene Inc.

Splash screen

Additional credits:

  • Demo House and CD Demo House are by John Calhoun and Kim Money.
  • Davis Station, Metropolis and Titanic are by Jonathan Chin (alias Paul Finn) and John Calhoun.
  • Grand Prix, Leviathan, ImagineHouse PRO II and In The Mirror are by Jonathan Chin (alias Paul Finn).
  • Land of Illusion, Nemo's Market, Rainbow's End and SpacePods are by Ward Hartenstein.
  • Slumberland is by John Calhoun (first house and top of fourth house) Jonathan Chin (second house), Steve Sullivan (third house) and Ward Hartenstein (bottom of fourth house).
  • Teddy World is by Shawn Brenneman.
  • The Asylum Pro is by Steve Sullivan.
  • PICT resource 3975 (Ozma) is derived from an illustration by John R. Neill from Ozma of Oz.
  • PICT resource 153 (About box) features a portion of this Little Nemo comic by Winsor McCay.

Legal The source for Glider PRO is released under the GNU General Public License 2 as published by the Free Software Foundation.