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move.w #$A89F,D0 ; _Unimplemented
dc.w $A746 ; _GetToolTrapAddress
move.l A0,A1
move.w #$ABFF,D0 ; _DebugStr
dc.w $A746 ; _GetToolTrapAddress
cmp.l A0,A1
bne.s .return
move.l #.DebugStrTrapEnd-.DebugStrTrap,D0
dc.w $A51E ; _NewPtrSys
move.l A0,A1
lea .DebugStrTrap,A0
move.l #.DebugStrTrapEnd-.DebugStrTrap,D0
dc.w $A02E ; _BlockMove
move.l A1,A0
move.w #$ABFF,D0
dc.w $A647 ; _SetToolTrapAddress
.return rts
link.w A6,#-64 ; We use a lot of stack
movem.l A1-A5/D0-D7,-64(A6)
; Do the usual "QuickDraw outside of application" setup
clr.l -(SP)
move.l SP,A5 ; tiny A5 world with QD globals ptr
lea -206(SP),SP ; push the QD globals
pea 202(SP)
dc.w $A86E ; _InitGraf
dc.w $A8FE ; _InitFonts (because we use _StringWidth)
lea -108(SP),SP
pea (SP)
dc.w $A86F ; _OpenPort (don't save, we have our own globs)
move.l .TopLeft,-(SP)
dc.w $A893 ; _MoveTo
move.l 8(A6),-(SP)
dc.w $A884 ; _DrawString
lea .TopLeft,A0
add.w #10,(A0)
movem.l -64(A6),A1-A5/D0-D7
unlk A6
move.l (SP)+,A0
addq #4,SP
jmp (A0)
.TopLeft dc.w 10, 2