Functional grow box (with WDEF hack)

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Elliot Nunn 2021-03-24 08:34:32 +08:00
parent 7105f6f499
commit 3c7935cd7f

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@ -227,6 +227,10 @@ CtlEvtMouse
dc.w $A871 ; _GlobalToLocal
move.l (SP)+,D4
move.l D4,D0
bsr UseFakeGrowBox
beq .noControlClicked ; actually, we resized the window
; _FindControl to hit-test
subq #4,SP ; room for the control handle
subq #2,SP ; return value (control ID)
@ -338,6 +342,85 @@ PrintNum
DC.W $A888 ; __TextFace
UseFakeGrowBox ; takes D0 as point argument, returns NE if not inside
move.l (A5),A0
move.l (A0),A0
move.l $14(A0),D1
sub.l D0,D1 ; always positive so should be fine?
cmp.w #16,D1
bgt.s .miss ; return NE
swap D1
cmp.w #16,D1
bgt.s .miss ; return NE
; Hackity hack... use FakeWDEF to draw the resize-window outline
lea RealWDEFHandle,A1
move.l $7E(A0),(A1) ; save the real WDEF handle
lea FakeWDEF,A1
move.l A1,-(A1)
move.l A1,$7E(A0) ; insert the fake one
move.l A0,-(SP) ; _SizeWindow's theWindow
subq #4,SP ; _GrowWindow's return, _SizeWindow's w/h
move.l A0,-(SP) ; _GrowWindow's theWindow
move.l D0,-(SP) ; _GrowWindow's startPt
move.l SP,-(SP)
dc.w $A870 ; _LocalToGlobal on startPt
pea windowLimit
dc.w $A92B ; _GrowWindow
move.l (A5),A0
move.l (A0),A0
move.l RealWDEFHandle,$7E(A0) ; Undo the hack
st -(SP) ; _SizeWindow's fUpdate (do add to upd rgn)
dc.w $A91D ; _SizeWindow
clr.w D0 ; return EQ
; WDEF 1 lacks a wGrow routine, so we roll our own for same cosmetic result as when the window is dragged
RealWDEFHandle dc.l 0
FakeWDEFHandle dc.l 0
;FUNCTION MyWindow (varCode: INTEGER; theWindow: WindowPtr; message: INTEGER; param: LONGINT) : LONGINT;
cmp.w #5,8(SP)
beq.s .wGrow
move.l RealWDEFHandle,A0 ; Call real WDEF like WMgr would
move.l (A0),D0
bne.s .alreadyLoaded
move.l A0,-(SP)
move.l A0,-(SP)
dc.w $A9A2 ; _LoadResource
move.l (SP)+,A0
move.l A0,-(SP)
dc.w $A029 ; _HLock (WMgr will eventually undo this)
move.l (SP)+,A0
move.l (A0),A0
jmp (A0)
.wGrow ;
move.l 4(SP),A0 ; "param" = recommended rect pointer
move.l 4(A0),-(SP) ; copy to the stack
move.l (A0),-(SP)
sub.w #19,(SP) ; adjust rect to frame the chrome
sub.w #1,2(SP)
add.w #1,4(SP)
add.w #1,6(SP)
move.l SP,-(SP)
move.l #16*$00010001,-(SP) ; oval
dc.w $A8B0 ; _FrameRoundRect: same as _DragGrayRgn!
addq #8,SP ; pop our scratch rect
move.l (SP)+,A0 ; return
add #12,SP
clr.l (SP)
jmp (A0)
DrawFakeGrowBox ; fun little routine
kgbcnt equ 3
move.l (A5),A0
@ -365,6 +448,7 @@ s4 dc.b 9, ' free on '
theWindow DC.W 50,5,266,155 ; window top,left,bottom,right
windowLimit DC.W 32,32,32767,32767 ; minH,minW,maxH,maxW
theList DC.W 0,0,200,135 ; list top,left,bottom,right
listBounds DC.W 0,0,1,0
thePlusBtn DC.W 202,20,215,90 / ; window top,left,bottom,right