Fix BootPicker show-stopper

We were trashing our return registers at the last moment.
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Elliot Nunn 2020-11-10 21:30:25 +08:00
parent 36c5a9914b
commit ba0880d773

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@ -222,10 +222,14 @@ _BoundaryLabelAtStartOfBootPicker_
; The selected procedure will jump to here after setting A6,A0,D0
movem.l A0/D0,-(SP) ; save/restore our return values
move.w #$A8AD,D0 ; Unpatch _PtInRect
move.l $9CE+4,A0 ; We saved it in ToolScratch
dc.w $A047 ; _SetTrapAddress
movem.l (SP)+,A0/D0
unlk A6 ; See the saving code for details
move.l (SP)+,$2BA
move.l (SP)+,$9CE+4