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; File: LoadPatches.a
; Contains: data fork of the System file
; Under newer systems (7.0 and newer) this is not used to do system patching.
; Instead, it writes the proper boot blocks to the disk, so that booting will occur
; with the StartSystem code (in the 'boot' 2 resource) which takes care of patching.
; Under older systems this selects, loads and executes an appropriate ROM patch routine
; for the ROM version number. The ROM patch routines are stored as 'PTCH' resources in
; the System file with an ID = the ROM version number. It resides in the data fork of
; the system file. It is loaded and given control by StartBoot (or boot blocks) once
; the ROM system has been initialized.
; Copyright: © 1985-1991 by Apple Computer, Inc., all rights reserved.
; Change History (most recent first):
; <15> 4/3/91 dba kill the fun
; <14> 3/26/91 dba gbm: correct size
; <13> 3/4/91 dba dty: get rid of SysVers conditionals
; <12> 1/16/91 dba (csd) no real change; we had to force the data fork to rebuild
; so it would use MakeSysDataFork
; <11> 8/6/90 stb move dsNeedToWriteBootBlocks to SysErr.a
; <10> 5/1/90 BBM enable linked patches on 6.0 class machines
; <9> 4/10/90 dba 7.0 version writes the correct boot blocks and restarts
; <8> 3/23/90 dba dispose of our selves (a waste of system heap space)
; <7> 3/23/90 dba fix so we donÕt call EraseMyIcon on the SE
; <6> 3/22/90 HJR Fix 6.0 build by adding MinSysExtra & SysPatch.
; <5> 3/22/90 dba change name of LoadPatch to LoadLinkedPatches
; <4> 3/21/90 dba take out the lingering Debugger statement
; <3> 3/21/90 dba change to work with new boot blocks for 7.0
; <2> 12/28/89 dba use MAIN instead of PROC to get dead code stripping; also get
; rid of wierd header that was required by a strange build rule in
; the old Make file; a corresponding change was made in
; SysObj.Make
; <1.5> 11/17/89 dba got rid of checks for 64K ROMs
; <1.4> 10/14/89 EMT Always load in RAM cache in system 7.
; <1.3> 6/5/89 EMT One more try.
; <1.2> 6/2/89 EMT Fixed coding errors in 1.1.
; <1.1> 6/1/89 EMT Removed ROM69 stuff. Bootstrap StripAddress if it doesn't exist.
; Use StripAddress before executing 'PTCH's.
; <1.0> 11/16/88 CCH Added to EASE.
; <S174> 4/10/87 bbm Save off the A5 world for the inits. (Some inits relied on
; CurrentA5 to be set up.)
; <S145> 3/27/87 bbm The algorithm that S115 used to grow the heap was to enlarge the
; heap by 16k or the size of the patch - whichever was bigger.
; What you really want is 16k free in addition to the size of the
; patch.
; <S128> 3/23/87 JTC On 64K ROMs be sure not to use nonexistent traps (such as
; SizeRsrc) or resize heap (since boot blocks are loaded at 64K).
; <S115> 3/19/87 JTC Ensure sufficient sys heap space before loading patches, using
; SizeResource to figure the local min. Then guarantee MinSysExtra
; space after loading last one. Code borrowed from INIT=31.
; <S109> 3/18/87 bbm Added the code for ÔPTCH $FFFFÕ. This enables general patches
; for all machines before the patches are read in by ÔPTCH 0Õ and
; general patches after the patches are read in by ÔPTCH $FFFFÕ.
; <S108> 3/17/87 bbm For system heaps larger than 58k, rom69patch needed to move the
; boot code (the boot code is loaded in at $10000). Since the boot
; code has moved, the return address on the stack should be
; modified. If you change the nature of the stack Ñ which rom69fix
; depends on - you must also modify rom69fix.a.
; <P029> 1/22/87 JTC JTC The above dates should surely be Ô86 and the res type is now
; 'PTCH', despite the above comments. This change is to
; accommodate the new PTCH=0 patch file for all systems.
; 11/20/86 BB Changed resource type for patch files from 'PTCH' to 'ptch'.
; 11/15/86 BB New today.
; equates
load 'StandardEqu.d'
bootBlocksSize equ 1024 ; two 512-byte disk blocks
SystemFileDataFork main
; The System file data fork will only be executed if we are executing an old version of boot blocks.
; Write the correct boot blocks to the disk, and restart.
subq #4,sp ; make room for a handle to the boot blocks
move.l #'boot',-(sp) ; get the boot blocks resource
move.w #1,-(sp)
move.l (sp)+,d1 ; got that resource
bz.s Failed
lea -ioHVQElSize(sp),sp ; make room for parameter block on the stack
move.l sp,a0 ; point to the parameter block
clr.l ioFileName(a0) ; we donÕt want the diskÕs name
clr.w ioVolIndex(a0) ; tell it to use a vRefNum
clr.w ioVRefNum(a0) ; boot volume is the default volume
_HGetVInfo ; get the driver refNum and the drive number
bnz.s FailedOSErr
move.w ioVDrvInfo(a0),ioVRefNum(a0) ; get the drive number
bz.s Failed ; in the wildly unlikely case the drive is off-line
move.w ioVDRefNum(a0),ioRefNum(a0) ; get the driver refNum
move.l d1,a1 ; get the resource in an address register
move.l (a1),a1 ; and dereferenced
move.l a1,ioBuffer(a0) ; and now itÕs the buffer we write from
move.l #bootBlocksSize,ioReqCount(a0) ; write the whole boot blocks
move.w #fsFromStart,ioPosMode(a0) ; right at the start of the disk
clr.l ioPosOffset(a0)
_Write ; write them boot blocks
bnz.s FailedOSErr
move.l ROMBase,a0 ; point to the ROM
jmp 10(a0) ; restart the Macintosh
cmp.w #wPrErr,d0 ; write protected error?
bne.s Failed
moveq #dsNeedToWriteBootBlocks,d0
moveq #dsBadPatch,d0 ; get the proper error code
string asis
dc.b '© 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991 Apple Computer Inc.',13
dc.b 'All Rights Reserved.',13
dc.b 13
dc.b 'Help! Help! WeÕre being held prisoner in a system software factory!',13
dc.b 13
dc.b 'The Blue Meanies',13
dc.b 13
dc.b 'Darin Adler',13
dc.b 'Scott Boyd',13
dc.b 'Chris Derossi',13
dc.b 'Cynthia Jasper',13
dc.b 'Brian McGhie',13
dc.b 'Greg Marriott',13
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