Add a Unix shell script to set file types

Because the previous README instructions did not specify *.sh files as
exempt from line-ending filtering, I have added as one-
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Elliot Nunn 2018-02-10 19:36:31 +08:00
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@ -1,49 +0,0 @@
# Takes no arguments -- expects to be inside the Make directory,
# or run in place (select all, then cmd-return)
If "{0}" == ""
Set 0 "{Active}"
Set Tree "`Files -f "{0}" | StreamEdit -e '1 Replace /[Â:]*:[Â:]*°/ -n'`"
If {#} == 1
Set Tree "{1}"
Else If {#} == 0
Set MyPath "`Files -f "{0}"`"
Set Tree "`Echo "{MyPath}" | StreamEdit -e '1 Replace /[Â:]*:[Â:]*°/ -n'`"
Echo "# USAGE: {0} [PATH]"
Exit 1
Set Count 0
Echo "# Suggested commands:"
For RootFolder in `Files -f "{Tree}" | StreamEdit -e '¥,° Replace /Å:.Å/ -n'`
For UntypedFile in `Files -f -r -o -s -t '' {RootFolder}`
Set NewT "TEXT"
Set NewC "MPS "
If "{UntypedFile}" =~ /Å.x/
Set NewT "XCOF"
Else If "{UntypedFile}" =~ /Å.o/
Set NewT "OBJ "
Else If "{UntypedFile}" =~ /Å.lib/
Set NewT "OBJ "
Else If "{UntypedFile}" =~ /Å.rsrc/
Set NewT "rsrc"
Set NewC "RSED"
Else If "{UntypedFile}" =~ /ÅGoNativeResources/
Set NewT "rsrc"
Set NewC "RSED"
Echo " SetFile -t ¶"{NewT}¶" -c ¶"{NewC}¶" ¶"{UntypedFile}¶""
Set Count `Evaluate {Count} + 1`
Echo "# Total: {Count}"

Misc/ Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1 @@
cd "`dirname "$0"`"; cd ..; find . -type f -not -path '*/.*' -not -ipath './BuildResults/*' -not -ipath './Tools/*' -exec SetFile -t 'TEXT' -c 'MPS ' {} \;; find Tools -type f -not -path '*/.*' \( -ipath '*.c' -o -ipath '*.h' -o -ipath '*.make' \) -exec SetFile -t 'TEXT' -c 'MPS ' {} \;; find BuildResults -type f -not -path '*/.*' \( -ipath '*.o' -o -ipath '*.lib' \) -exec SetFile -t 'OBJ ' -c 'MPS ' {} \;; find . -type f -not -path '*/.*' \( -ipath '*.rsrc' -o -iname GoNativeResources \) -exec SetFile -t 'rsrc' -c 'RSED' {} \;

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@ -18,6 +18,7 @@ Append this to `.git/info/attributes`:
* filter=maclines
*.lib -filter
*.o -filter
*.sh -filter
.gitignore -filter
Finally, do a once-off "re-smudge":
@ -25,6 +26,13 @@ Finally, do a once-off "re-smudge":
rm -rf ../mac-rom/*
git checkout .
Setting type and creator codes
Some MPW Tools require their input files to have the correct Mac OS file type ("TEXT" or "OBJ "), but Git does not save Mac OS type and creator codes. This shell script will correct the file types in a freshly cloned repo:
sh Misc/
This code is built with the [Macintosh Programmer's Workshop]( (MPW), which runs on the Classic Mac OS. To satisfy the memory requirements of the build process, the MPW Shell should get a memory partition of at least 16 MB. Once you have MPW set up, the build process is not particularly fussy.