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Jeroen/Spritesmods "macusbfb" LPC1343 firmware for Macintosh 9" CRT driver board The code in these directories isn't the best I ever wrote, but at the moment it works good enough for my own purposes. Use at your own risk! Contents:

adb2usb/ : Code for the ADB to USB converter adb2usb/adb2uart : Code for the uC that receives ADB adb2usb/uart2usb : Code for the uC that sends the data over the USB bus macusbfb : Firmware for the LPC1343 that a.o. controls the Macintosh CRT

A few notes about the shortcomings of the current code:

  • macusbfb works just fine, but leaks memory when unloaded or the display device is unplugged. As long as you plug in the device and load the module, you should be fine though.
  • The adb2usb device seems to drop adb replies every now and then, resulting in e.g. a stuck key. I still need to figure out why. Until then, pressing the key a second time should make it work again

As always, if you fix or expand something, I'd love to get a patch.