Build a Mac OS ROM file for your NewWorld Mac's System Folder
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The NewWorld ROM

This repo is part of the CDG5 project. It builds version 9.6.1 of the parcels-based Mac OS ROM file, starting from a 4 MB Power Mac ROM (rom) and other PEF binaries (pef/). Use to build your own ROM. A few bytes are different from the original file because (I think) the original Apple build tool failed to zero-initialize a buffer. The build result does not contain the System Enabler found in later Mac OS ROM versions.


A basic Unix toolchain is required.

make tbxi.hqx

Instead of using the included 4 MB ROM, you can uncomment some code in the makefile to trigger a build from

The makefile also helps you to test your build:

make test-qemu
make test-fw


Some useful patches to the Open Firmware boot script can be enabled at the top of

The parcel build script will preferentially load files with .patch appended to the name. This is helpful when using to edit the PowerPC binaries under pef/. For example, to prevent the Power Manager from crashing while trying to load a PMU plugin on the Mac mini: pef/nlib/NativePowerMgrLib{,.patch} Initialize+0x94 " li r3,0"