MacGLide is a shared library for Apple Macintosh computers that emulates 3Dfx Voodoo Graphics hardware. It makes it possible to run games originally made for 3Dfx/Glide without the hardware by translating Glide-function calls to OpenGL.

Updated 4 years ago

Fractals in MS Basic for Macintosh by Jack Weber from 1985

Updated 6 years ago

A PDP-8/E Simulator for the Apple Macintosh (Source by Bernhard Baehr)

Updated 4 years ago

Jeroen/Spritesmods "macusbfb" LPC1343 firmware for Macintosh 9" CRT driver board

Updated 6 years ago

educational software written originally in MS BASIC for Macintosh in the late 1980's

Updated 4 years ago

Bootable stuff for PowerPC-based macs ; boots through OpenFirmware

Updated 4 months ago

The Newton Keyboard Enabler (NKE) allows you to connect the Newton keyboard to any Macintosh and use it as a replacement for the big ADB keyboards.

Updated 6 years ago

Experimental port of Micropython to Macintosh System 7

Updated 3 years ago

LaTeX2e sources for "Classic Macintosh Hardware and Peripherals"

Updated 9 years ago

Final uuUndo 1.0 for Macintosh sources

Updated 8 years ago

A fractal generator for 68k Macintosh

Updated 1 year ago

Classic Macintosh MPW tool for file synchronization

Updated 12 months ago

Code to remove PACE anti-piracy on select early 68k Macintosh abandonware

Updated 2 years ago

Gag program for 68k Macintosh.

Updated 4 years ago

Eudora for Macintosh source code

Updated 5 years ago