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  • Test your contributions to assure they do not break existing functionality.
  • Commits to the repo should be done by portions; that is, by individual functionalities of the program.
  • Don't use any disrespectful language.


  • Make sure the code can compile for all target systems - Windows, Linux, and macOS/Mac OS X.
  • All code must be compatible with at least C++11.
  • Minimize the amount of redundant code.
  • Avoid using absolute paths for the headers.
  • Code should maintain vertical alignment for better readability, for example:
one_hundred  =  100;
one_thousand = 1000;
two_thousand = 2000;
  • CamelCase for class names, lowercase for variables, UPPERCASE for enumerations
  • Avoid redundancy in namespaces (i.e. use ViaCuda::read() instead of ViaCuda::cuda_read())


  • When creating an issue ticket, note which version you are using.
  • If possible, reference the git hashes for the relevant commits.
  • Once an issue is closed, do not re-open it. Instead, reference it in a new issue ticket.