transistor f8083db181 Added raddad772/jsmoo's Z80 test runner
Special thanks to raddad772

Also added some fixes to the Z80 for panicking math operations, but
it still won't complete due to an unimplemented instruction
2023-05-09 21:50:42 -07:00

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This directory contains CPU tests for the 68k and Z80. The test cases themselves are provided by Tom Harte and raddad772, and must be cloned from their respective repositories before running the tests.


To download the 68k tests, from the tests/ directory, run:

git clone

To download the Z80 tests, from the tests/ directory, run:

git clone --no-checkout
cd jsmoo
git checkout origin/HEAD -- misc/tests/GeneratedTests


The 68k tests can be run from the moa root with:


By default, the script will use the compressed versions of the tests which are slower to run because they must be unzipped every time the tests are run. To speed it up for repeat runs, the tests can be gunzip'ed to their own directory and the test suite location can be change on the command line or in the script to point to the uncompressed versions

The Z80 tests can be run with:


Thanks to Tom Harte and raddad772 for providing these incredibly valuable tests