Add py.typed marker file for PEP 561

This allows type checkers like mypy to use the type hints in our code
when type-checking another project that imports this library.
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dgelessus 2020-07-06 23:57:25 +02:00
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commit a9f54b678c
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@ -120,6 +120,7 @@ Version 1.7.1 (next version)
* Added filtering support to the ``list`` subcommand.
* Added a ``resource-info`` subcommand to display technical information about resources (more detailed than what is displayed by ``list`` and ``read``).
* Added a ``raw-compress-info`` subcommand to display technical header information about standalone compressed resource data.
* Made the library PEP 561-compliant by adding a py.typed file.
* Fixed an incorrect ``AssertionError`` when using the ``--no-decompress`` command-line options.
Version 1.7.0

rsrcfork/py.typed Normal file
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@ -41,9 +41,16 @@ keywords =
# mypy can only find type hints in the package if zip_safe is set to False,
# see
zip_safe = False
python_requires = >=3.6
packages = find:
rsrcfork =
include =