Mini vMac for iOS

Updated 2 months ago

a gcc-based cross-compiler for classic 68K and PPC Macintoshes

Updated 3 months ago

Macintosh-like Virtual Window Manager (MLVWM) configuration files

Updated 5 months ago

Set of tools to deal with specially encoded Macintosh files

Updated 6 months ago

Macintosh-like Virtual Window Manager (official repo)

Updated 2 years ago

µvMac - cleaned up fork of the Macintosh emulator Mini vMac

Updated 2 years ago

Source code, PCB artwork and firmware for a tiny Macintosh Plus

Updated 2 years ago

Extract files from 68k Macintosh MFS disk images (typically 400k floppy images)

Updated 3 years ago

Tools to manipulate Apple Macintosh DiskCopy 4.2 images

Updated 3 years ago

Macintosh-like Clock

Updated 3 years ago

Emulated MPW = Mini vMac + Macintosh Programmer's Workshop + glue

Updated 4 years ago

HFS is the “Hierarchical File System,” the native volume format used on modern Macintosh computers. hfsutils is the name of a comprehensive software package being developed to permit manipulation of HFS volumes from UNIX and other systems.

Updated 5 years ago

A Macintosh II emulator that runs A/UX

Updated 6 years ago

Automatically exported from

Updated 8 years ago

old-school Macintosh Emulator

Updated 13 years ago