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Missing utilities for WDC's 65xx developer tools

Updated 3 months ago

utilities for the Merlin 8/16+ assembler

Updated 3 months ago

Apple-II inspired terminal emulator for OS X

Updated 4 months ago

65816 assembly language (various Apple IIgs assemblers) syntax support for TextMate / Sublime Text

Updated 6 months ago

Android port of KEGS Apple IIgs Emulator

Updated 9 months ago

GS/OS Boot block + loader for HFS

Updated 1 year ago

IIgs dict (RFC 2229) client

Updated 2 years ago

GNO + Marinetti = MariGNOtti

Updated 2 years ago

MINIX File System Translator

Updated 2 years ago

lint for IIgs resource forks

Updated 3 years ago

four-color, vt100 telnet client for the Apple IIgs

Updated 4 years ago

ProDOS file system for FUSE

Updated 4 years ago

Apple IIgs Quote Of The Day server

Updated 4 years ago

Apple IIgs host FST (for emulators that support it)

Updated 5 years ago

a gopher client for the Apple IIgs

Updated 9 years ago