A latency-hating emulator of 8- and 16-bit platforms: the Acorn Electron, Amstrad CPC, Apple II/II+/IIe and early Macintosh, Atari 2600 and ST, ColecoVision, Enterprise 64/128, Commodore Vic-20 and Amiga, MSX 1, Oric 1/Atmos, Sega Master System, Sinclair
Updated 2023-12-04 20:54:56 +00:00
volksFORTH is a 16bit Forth System maintained by the German Forth Gesellschaft e.V.
Updated 2023-12-03 13:23:11 +00:00
A simple LZ77-based compression with fast decompression on 68K and other legacy hardware
Updated 2016-05-09 23:28:39 +00:00
Synthetic 68K CPU (used by Executor)
Updated 2010-11-11 17:59:26 +00:00
Mini vMac for iOS
Updated 2023-09-27 18:37:16 +00:00
Standard Macintosh Toolbox C Boilerplate Code to help kick-start your own profitable career in Macintosh 68k or PPC Development
Updated 2019-03-13 05:04:19 +00:00
A port of GRC's "TIP: Zip & Jaz Drive and Cartridge Testing System" for 68k and PowerPC Macintosh systems
Updated 2022-03-08 13:57:14 +00:00
PLATOTerm for Classic 68K and PPC Macintosh Computers
Updated 2019-02-03 18:40:11 +00:00
a gcc-based cross-compiler for classic 68K and PPC Macintoshes
Updated 2023-07-04 21:30:47 +00:00
VRAM SIMM for 68k Macs and early Power Macintosh framebuffers
Updated 2023-02-28 16:39:20 +00:00
A clone of the puzzle game Lights Out for the 68k Macintosh.
Updated 2021-12-17 21:13:19 +00:00
Python script to split a 68k Mac ROM into MPW objects
Updated 2019-07-11 11:27:12 +00:00
Build the 68k part of the NewWorld Mac ROM
Updated 2023-06-02 05:02:19 +00:00
Freecell for Macintosh 68k
Updated 2019-05-04 10:41:24 +00:00
Pendulum Simulator for 68k Macintosh
Updated 2019-04-03 20:55:35 +00:00
Gag program for 68k Macintosh.
Updated 2019-08-17 06:45:09 +00:00
Code to remove PACE anti-piracy on select early 68k Macintosh abandonware
Updated 2021-05-12 00:19:10 +00:00
A fractal generator for 68k Macintosh
Updated 2021-12-14 18:40:24 +00:00
Extract files from 68k Macintosh MFS disk images (typically 400k floppy images)
Updated 2020-06-27 22:44:50 +00:00
An emulator for various m68k and z80 based computers, written in Rust. Currently it has support for the Sega Genesis, TRS-80, and Computie (my own project), with Macintosh support in the works
Updated 2023-11-28 03:19:40 +00:00