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ROM replacement for Apple II GP-IB controller to boot HP-IB devices.

Feel free to clone and make repos for specific drives. I will add any links to those repos here.

; Originally coded in 2009 by Matthew A. Hudson hexsane ; at ; Code style & format borrowed from CFFA v1 source code ; use ca65 to assemble (options elude me as I wrote this code ; over a decade ago as I type this) ; ; HP-IB AMIGO protocol ROM replacement for genuine Apple II GP-IB controller. ; ; Was assembled and working for floppy drive in HP9133xv ; It will work with the hard drive but you will need to change the ; geometry and re assemble. ; ; Note about assembly: I had to offset the code by either 128 or 256 bytes ; (meaning you lose that space in the ROM) but I can't recall why. You may ; need to fiddle around with options to get it in the correct location to ; make the card happy. I've forgotten most of the Apple II I/O layout at this ; point in time. ; ; There is probably code in here from other sources but I couldn't recall from ; who at this point. If you see something that needs credit please let me know ; and I will happily do so.