SmartyKit 1 computer construction kit drivers and software. (Apple 1-compatible)
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SmartyKit Apple I - apple1

SmartyKit Apple I replica drivers and software (

SmartyKit 1 assembly

All needed libraries included in repository in /Arduino/libraries

Keyboard Driver

Keyboard driver uses Arduino PS2KeyAdvanced library.

Video Driver

Video driver uses Arduino custom 2.8" TFT screen driver (based on Adafruit driver) and TV Terminal library.

Software Emulator - POM 1

POM 1 cross-platform emulator by Verhille Arnaud to test SmartyKit 1 ROM with software.

Video to-do

SmartyKit 1 Memory Map ROM and RAM

SmartyKit 1 Memory Map

ROM Development SmartyKit 1 ROM asm source and make file

Easy-to-use development tool to write your own software for SmartyKLit 1 (you need just run make in your Terminal) and learn how ROM is organized.

Here is an example:

SERGEYs-MacBook:ROM_development spanarin$ make
SmartyKit 1: 6502 assembler & C-compiler to ROM (.bin)
Assembling and linking...
ca65 -l ROM_listing.asm SmartyKit1_ROM.asm
ld65 -m -o SmartyKit1_ROM.bin SmartyKit1_ROM.o -C apple1.cfg
ld65 -o SmartyKit1_ROM_symon.bin SmartyKit1_ROM.o -C symon.cfg
SERGEYs-MacBook:ROM_development spanarin$

SmartyKit 8x8 Pixel Art online tool for program at $FC00 in ROM (FC00R command)

You could draw your own pixel art using our online tool (, get the code for this image and load this code it to SmartyKit (or emulator) memory using command:

1111: 3C 42 A5 81 A5 99 42 3C (Return)
FC00R (Return)

Here is an example of how it works in emulator:

Video to-do

And a screenshot: SmartyKit 8x8 Pixel Art online tool

SmartyKit plates for breadboards

PCB version (black) and Wooden version (file for wood laser cutter: download)

SmartyKit Plates