Wordle clone for the Apple 1
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Apple 1 "Worple"

A Wordle-style puzzle game for the Apple 1. Features over 850 words, but small enough to run on systems with as little as 4K of RAM.

Files in the Repo:

  • worple.asm

    • The 6502 assembly language source code
    • I used dasm to assemble this, but other 6502 assemblers should work without too much tweaking
  • worple.bin

    • Assembled binary file
    • The first two bytes in the file are the (little-endian) origin address of the code: $0300
  • worple.js

    • Javascript "tape file" format, compatible with Will Scullin's Apple 1js emulator
    • You can use this with a local copy of the emulator by putting the file in the /tapes directory and adding a reference to it in apple1.htm
  • worple.txt

    • Typed version of program in "Woz Monitor" hex format
    • Many emulators will let you copy/paste or otherwise load this in
    • You can also send this over to a real Apple 1 (or replica/clone) via serial connection
  • words.txt

    • Text file of words used by the game
  • words_0.bin and words_1.bin

    • Compressed binary versions of the word list, split into two parts (A-P and Q-Z)
  • packer.py

    • Python utility that creates the compressed binary word files

Modifying the Word List

  • Edit words.txt as you see fit. (If your list exceeds 866 words, more than 4K of RAM will be required.)
  • Run packer.py to shuffle the word list and rebuild the two binary word files
  • Reassemble worple.asm to build a new executable binary with the new words in it