Java Apple Computer Emulator
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Java Apple Computer Emulator



To Run:

or java -jar target/jace-2.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar

To Build:

Download current version with built-in IDE

Jace is a java-based Apple //e emulator with many compelling features:

  • NEW: Built-in IDE for writing basic and assembly programs, using ACME to compile and execute directly without leaving the emulator.
  • Disk and Mass-storage (hard drive, 3.5 floppy) images
  • Joystick and Mouse are fully supported (Joystick can be emulated with either keyboard or mouse, Java doesn't have native joystick support
  • All graphics modes are supported, including Apple RGB "Mixed" and B&W modes.
  • Fullscreen and windowed modes supported
  • PassPort MIDI support for Ultima V
  • MetaCheat allows quick and easy ability to find and alter active memory
  • MetaCheat also provides a live heat-map showing all RAM activity, color coded to indicate read, write or CPU execution -- Perfect for reverse engineers
  • Optional Debugging rom (][DB) can be enabled for a more powerful monitor
  • Super serial emulated as a tcp/ip port
  • Mockingboard and Phasor support
  • Highly flexible configuration allows any combination of cards and many extra options. You can even alter configuration while the emulation is running!

Airheart Color swatches Desktop II

More information here: