100s of games at your fingertips, as long as your fingertips are on an Apple ][
Updated 2023-11-28 21:03:07 +00:00
A Java library and command-line tool for AppleSingle support.
Updated 2023-11-27 01:26:05 +00:00
An Apple II emulator originally written in Javascript, now being converted to TypeScript
Updated 2023-11-26 19:40:22 +00:00
Apple II emulator for Windows
Updated 2023-11-26 18:43:01 +00:00
Apple Emulator Frontend for MAME
Updated 2023-11-25 23:24:36 +00:00
Android port of KEGS Apple IIgs Emulator
Updated 2023-11-21 00:23:17 +00:00
A cross-platform command line tool and Go library to manipulate ProDOS hard drive images used by vintage Apple II computers and emulators.
Updated 2023-11-08 04:03:44 +00:00
Portable emulator of an Apple ][+ or //e. Written in Go. Runs Total Replay.
Updated 2023-11-02 21:34:20 +00:00
AppleCommander is a tool that manipulates Apple ][ disk images. Files may be imported, exported, viewed, or printed with various file filters.
Updated 2023-11-01 23:01:12 +00:00
Converts an RGB image (.png, .jpeg) into a binary file compliant with the Apple II's HIRES format.
Updated 2023-11-01 17:09:45 +00:00
A Java library for managing Apple II ShrinkIt archives.
Updated 2023-10-28 17:52:42 +00:00
Apple II Code to Disk
Updated 2023-10-26 20:57:08 +00:00
Apple II Disk Browser
Updated 2023-09-28 05:27:27 +00:00
The iOS app which connects to the Listener desk accessory on an Apple IIgs for doing speech dictation.
Updated 2023-09-25 23:54:23 +00:00
An Xcode based build system for the Apple //gs which uses Golden Gate by Kelvin Sherlock
Updated 2023-09-18 03:47:02 +00:00