ModemWorks modules for the KEGS emulator.

Updated 6 years ago

hush (a Bourne-style shell) for the GNO multitasking environment on the Apple IIgs

Updated 3 years ago

A tile-based game engine for the Apple IIgs written in 65816 asssembly language

Updated 5 days ago

Utility to generate 65816 compiled sprites using informed search methods

Updated 5 years ago

Install Merlin32 on your Github Actions workflows with just one simple action

Updated 4 months ago

OS-free, tool-free, accurate vt100 emulator for the Apple IIgs

Updated 1 year ago

Apple IIGS sound library

Updated 11 years ago

GNO + Marinetti = MariGNOtti

Updated 2 years ago

four-color, vt100 telnet client for the Apple IIgs

Updated 4 years ago

A markdown to teach text converter ORCA shell command for the GS based on md4c.

Updated 2 years ago

MINIX File System Translator

Updated 3 years ago

Apple IIGS morse code generator

Updated 3 years ago

Apple IIgs simple 40char buffer editor. Written in 658c16 assembly.

Updated 5 years ago

Apple IIgs Quote Of The Day server

Updated 5 years ago

lint for IIgs resource forks

Updated 3 years ago