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Maxim Poliakovski a1d8f8aa4e ppctests: fix test cases with SNaN/QNaN operands. 2023-11-30 17:44:46 +01:00
Maxim Poliakovski 8c3dfe94c7 ppcfpopcodes: infinities should set FPCC_FUNAN. 2023-11-30 12:53:10 +01:00
Maxim Poliakovski 0a9107b602 ppcfloattests.csv: remove unrelated CR7 changes. 2023-11-30 12:28:32 +01:00
Maxim Poliakovski 680cab52f3 ppcfpopcodes: fix ppc_fadds. 2023-11-30 12:06:44 +01:00
Maxim Poliakovski 6abb07e61b Add rounding control for the host FPU. 2023-11-30 12:06:44 +01:00
Maxim Poliakovski b59c2be12d ppcfpopcodes: fix fpresult_update(). 2023-11-30 12:06:44 +01:00
Maxim Poliakovski d49d03846f ppcemu: fix and beatify FPSCR enum. 2023-11-30 12:06:44 +01:00
Maxim Poliakovski b51670cb25 ppcfpopcodes: improve mffs, mtfsb0 and mtfsb1. 2023-11-30 12:06:44 +01:00
Maxim Poliakovski 487c6c2c7c ppcfpopcodes: remove dead code. 2023-11-30 12:06:44 +01:00
dingusdev 87b8a8e0a0 Correcting multiply tests 2023-11-28 19:02:48 -07:00
Maxim Poliakovski 47e0c23e64 Fix CR1 updates for floating-point instructions. 2023-11-28 16:31:51 +01:00
dingusdev dd454689e0 Fixes for condition reg move instructions 2023-11-28 07:06:04 -07:00
Maxim Poliakovski 94872b3ebb Store SCSI bus object pointer during registration. 2023-11-24 19:48:07 +01:00
Maxim Poliakovski 9ae863d7c4 sc53c94: add is_dma_cmd member variable. 2023-11-24 19:48:07 +01:00
Maxim Poliakovski 457accf329 scsi: define READ_BUFFER and WRITE_BUFFER commands. 2023-11-24 19:48:07 +01:00
Maxim Poliakovski b9c1ecf65f
Merge pull request #66 from mihaip/upstream-pending-events
Fix keyboard events occasionally being dropped
2023-11-24 19:17:51 +01:00
Mihai Parparita d08b486db0 Fix keyboard events occasionally being dropped
AdbKeyboard would copy the event into its own fields and set the
changed field, so that we could return the event when register was 0.
However, if a subsequent event was received before ADB polling, the
previous event would be overwritten and lost.

Fix this by maintaining a queue of events, so that we can return
everything since the last poll.
2023-11-24 10:08:16 -08:00
Maxim Poliakovski d37d83c5b6
Merge pull request #64 from mihaip/upstream-a-key
Fix "a" key always being as as a keyup
2023-11-24 11:35:18 +01:00
Mihai Parparita d45bba924d Fix "a" key always being as as a keyup
We were using an empty value on the second byte of the ADB keyboard
register 0, but that maps to the "a" key. This manifested itself
as the Key Caps DA never showing the "a" key as being down.

Switch to a non-existent key for the second byte.
2023-11-23 22:39:06 -08:00
dingusdev 69f7fbe703
More accurately reflects DPPC's current status
2023-11-23 20:59:49 -07:00
dingusdev 4753ba5361 Continued clean-up 2023-11-23 16:56:58 -07:00
Maxim Poliakovski ada68ffc71 machinegossamer: add primary IDE hard disk drive. 2023-11-22 17:35:14 +01:00
Maxim Poliakovski 446b1b8d99 atahd: various improvements implementing basic commands. 2023-11-22 17:35:14 +01:00
Maxim Poliakovski 27ff05607c atadefs: bit definitions for the device/head register. 2023-11-22 17:35:14 +01:00
Maxim Poliakovski f2558cd379 atabasedevice: data transfers to host. 2023-11-22 17:35:14 +01:00
Maxim Poliakovski 4f76a4ead2 Move signal_data_ready() to atabasedevice. 2023-11-22 17:35:14 +01:00
dingusdev 7835aec034 Further CPU cleanup 2023-11-21 08:06:50 -07:00
dingusdev f4f035682c Fixed cfloat include 2023-11-19 20:34:40 -07:00
dingusdev d1f9b5631a Added missing include for cfloat 2023-11-19 20:07:00 -07:00
dingusdev d92ae6136a CPU code clean-up in progress
Happened to fix one case in the process.
2023-11-19 17:56:30 -07:00
Maxim Poliakovski be633d3872 soundserver_cubeb: remove soundio code. 2023-11-15 19:01:54 +01:00
Maxim Poliakovski 453930ff75 awacs: pausing sound output DMA channel. 2023-11-15 19:01:54 +01:00
Maxim Poliakovski b7341d0ab8 amic: implement sound out DMA IRQ. 2023-11-15 19:01:54 +01:00
Maxim Poliakovski f814822ca3 timermanager: support for timers that expire immediately. 2023-11-15 19:01:54 +01:00
Maxim Poliakovski c3f2c9e84c awac-pdm: improve read_stat(). 2023-11-15 19:01:54 +01:00
dingusdev 074a760b6a FP compare fixes
This is the start of several fixes for the floating point emulation.
2023-11-13 07:30:31 -07:00
dingusdev 931060db7c
Merge pull request #61 from mihaip/upstream-imgfile
Move disk image reading to be behind an ImgFile class
2023-11-10 06:29:33 -07:00
Maxim Poliakovski 417f988ca0
Merge pull request #57 from mihaip/upstreaming2
Remap Cocoa/macOS menu item key modifiers
2023-11-10 08:16:54 +01:00
Mihai Parparita d4c9db7fcf Move disk image reading to be behind an ImgFile class
Allows different implementations for different platforms (the JS
build relies on browser APIs to stream disk images over the network).

Setting aside the JS build, this also reduces some code duplication.
2023-11-09 21:49:28 -08:00
Maxim Poliakovski 04956c19d5
Fix tiny tipo in adbdevice.h 2023-11-09 11:51:33 +01:00
Maxim Poliakovski b350beafa8
Merge pull request #56 from mihaip/upstreaming
Implement the ADB keyboard
2023-11-09 11:47:50 +01:00
Maxim Poliakovski 37cca00e13
Merge pull request #60 from mihaip/upstream-postinit
machinebase: fully initialize devices registered by other devices
2023-11-08 13:55:09 +01:00
Mihai Parparita e5c50640e3 machinebase: fully initialize devices registered by other devices
postinit_devices() may cause additional devices to be registered
(e.g. PCI hosts will register their cards). We were not calling
device_postinit on those devices, because the iterator over the
device map was set up at the start of the loop.

Keep looping until we've actually initialized all devices in the map.
2023-11-08 00:11:41 -08:00
Maxim Poliakovski 351ac78e4b
Merge pull request #59 from mihaip/upstream-amic-dma
amic: don't reset cur_buf_pos if we've drained the DMA buffer
2023-11-08 08:20:50 +01:00
Mihai Parparita e011d86742 amic: don't reset cur_buf_pos if we've drained the DMA buffer
Otherwise if pull_data is called again, it will think that it still
has data available in the buffer (rem_len will be non-zero) and
random data at the buffer location will be returned.

This manifested itself as noise being played back in the JS
implementation of the SoundServer. The cubeb implementation was not
affected because it stops polling once it's told it has no more
data in the buffer. Both approaches are valid (the JS version pads
data with silence), and the DMA buffer should support both.
2023-11-06 22:33:00 -08:00
dingusdev f019902f41
Merge pull request #58 from mihaip/iwyu
Clean up #includes
2023-11-03 06:12:00 -07:00
Mihai Parparita 35c86ad6bf Clean up #includes
Result of running IWYU ( and
applying most of the suggestions about unncessary includes and
forward declarations.

Was motivated by observing that <thread> was being included in
ppcopcodes.cpp even though it was unused (found while researching
the use of threads), but seems generally good to help with build
times and correctness.
2023-11-03 00:33:47 -07:00
dingusdev 6ffc2b2f10 Optimize string word instructions
Partially unrolled the loop. Boots 7.1.2 Disk Tools slightly faster.
2023-10-29 17:23:31 -07:00
Mihai Parparita ec155bf7ba Remap Cocoa/macOS menu item key modifiers
As part of adding ADB keyboard support (#56), we're now running into
conflicts between the guest and host OS keyboard shortcuts when running
on macOS hosts.

SDL2 unconditionally adds some menu items to the "Window" menu, and
there are built-in ones too. As a workaround, we now iterate over all
menu items are swap out command for control, since the the latter is
generally unused in classic Mac OS.
2023-10-29 12:16:01 -07:00
dingusdev 8cad7ee509
Merge pull request #55 from mihaip/upstreaming
Add Emscripten build target
2023-10-27 12:24:56 -07:00