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Bill of Materials for PowerBook adapter for BlueSCSI

To assemble v1.1 the board, you will need the following components:


Quantity Thing Example Part Number
1 An STM32 "Blue Pill" module and a way to program it with the BlueSCSI firmware
2 330 Ohm Resistor Network in SIP-10 package Bourns 4610X-101-331
2 220 Ohm Resistor Network in SIP-10 package Bourns 4610X-101-221
1 MicroSD Card connector (or use SD-to-MicroSD adapter as shown here) Molex 104031-0811
1 2x20 right-angle 2mm header for connector J1
2 1x2 header pins for the termination jumper connectors J4 and J5
2 Jumpers (aka jumper caps, shunts, or shorts) for J4 and J5


Quantity Thing
1 1x4 2.54mm right-angle header for debugging connector
2 1x2 header pins for the power selection jumper connectors J9 and J10
1 2x25 2.54 header pins for 50-pin desktop SCSI connector J8
1 LED for D1
1 Resistor (R1) for LED, any value from 330 ohms to about 1.8k ohms will work
2 "low-profile" female headers if you do not want to permanently solder the Blue Pill board