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PowerBook adapter for BlueSCSI, v1.0

March 2021

Deprecation Notice

This design is deprecated and should no longer be used. Please see v1.1 instead.

Gerber files

Gerber files can be found here in the gerber directory.


First version. 50-pin-SCSI, termination and SD card worked first time, right out of the gate. However, problems:

  • The screw holes are slightly too far in from edges
  • RETURN lines are not connected to signal ground
  • Can only power STM32 from MOTORPWR or USB, no option to power it from from TERMPWR alone
  • No option to disconnect STM32 from both TERMPWR and MOTORPWR power and use USB power alone without backfeeding

If you choose to use this board design, please do the following:

  • break the MOTORPWR trace, as seen in this image
  • Solder a wire from any ground pin to one of the RETURN pins (number 3, 4, 37 or 38) of J1. These are 1 column in from each edge, and and connected together. They are next to the MOTORPWR pins, the trace you broke above.
  • Ensure J9 ("bridge +5v and term power") is always shorted/jumped

Why the modifications? the MOTORPWR pins do not appear to be working the way I expect. The power was being disconnected at unexpected times and I could not see a pattern. Maybe it is a power-saving feature? Until I figure it out and update the board design, I recommend you power the device from TERMPWR as usual.

3D rendering of bluescsi_pb v1.0 board